NanoVMs Unikernel Training

  • • Overview and theory of unikernels
  • • Installing ops on local laptop, hello world
  • • Deploying your first unikernel to the cloud
  • • Help roadmapping out next steps
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$2000 / half day

Theory and overview of unikernels day (4 hours)

Delivered online

(Contact for on-site)

Taught by NanoVMs

The creators and maintainers of the Nanos/OPS unikernel toolchain.


  • Learn difference between containers and unikernels:
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Usability
  • Learn advantages of unikernels
  • Gain confidence to explain to others
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  • Get your Local Environment Working
  • Build and Run Your First Unikernel
  • Learn the Extensive Configuration Options Provided by OPS
  • Learn to use the OPS Repository, Create Free Account
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Deploy to the Cloud

  • Learn to Deploy to the Cloud
    • Image operations
    • Instance operations
  • Learn to Use Volumes
  • Overview of over 60 Configuration Options
  • Networking (Public, Private, VPC, IPV6, etc.)
    • Security
    • Debugging
    • Monitoring
  • Address the Full Development Lifecycle
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Setting a Foundation for Next Steps

Learn to use KLIBs like logging, cloud init && monitoring
VSCode and Intellj Plugin Overview
Prepare for In-Depth Nanos Training

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