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The Great Unbundling of SaaS, the Cloud, The Operating System and Everything Else

Applications have been tied to the operating system for as long as we can remember. And why shouldn't they be? The operating system is after all the way applications can interface with the underlying harware. Something has to talk to the disk and the network card. The end user has to interact with the end application via the keyboard or the monitor right?

NanoVMs Selected to Deliver Unikernel Technology for Phase 2 of DARPA Program

On July 1st NanoVMs announced it had been selected to work on the Phase II of a DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) program related to unikernels.

Unikernels Implement Zero Trust Infrastructure

Zero trust is the concept that external or internal to a given network you simply can't trust anything anymore. This is for good reason when you see statistics claiming that insider threats account for nearly 75 percent of all data breaches.

NanoVMs announces First Plug and Play Unikernel Tool

NanoVMs, the industry leader in unikernel technology development and deployment, announces the first unikernel tool for developers that loads any Linux application as a unikernel.

Why Unikernels are a Good Fit for Existing On-Premises Private/Hybrid Cloud Deployments.

Public cloud services -- Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, offer the simplicity and convenience of CapEx-less buy-as-you-go/as-you-need compute and storage. However, in return, you have to accept some limitations, notably, sacrificing some degrees of control.

Unix is Dead

What a crazy few weeks it has been. Marriott started it off with the announcement that over 500M records had been stolen from its database and worse - they know the attackers were in their systems for up to 4 years which was during an acquisition and even after the prior year when they found a RAT (remote access trojan).

To Meet New Computing-At-The-Edge Requirements, Try Unikernels

Supporting your organization's computing requirements "at the edge" -- away from the corporate office or data center -- has always faced challenges. "Big data" generated by IoT devices and other sources can often overwhelm even broadband connections to distant cloud centers -- and many "edge sites" have little or no connectivity.

Common Unikernel Debugging Myths Debunked

Are unikernels unfit for production? Are unikernels completely undebuggable? There are so many unsubstantiated claims being made about ‘debugging unikernels’ that I feel I need to address some of them.

The Unikernel 4 Point Security Model

Many people have heard of the security advantages of unikernels. These commonly get boiled down to "it’s a smaller attack surface." Unfortunately, that does little justice to the true security implications of running your software as unikernels. So let’s revisit what the unikernel four point security model actually is.

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