Unikernels for Government

It's clear that when it comes to cyber, goverment is the largest target. Scanning for open doors and windows is an outdated approach yet this is the accepted "best of breed". Why can't we have deadbolts on by default?


Government Currently Ranks in Last Place for Cyber Against 17 Major Private Industries

It doesn't need to be this way. Stop running around with a large hack me sign on your back.

Governments are very large organizations with very large needs and large amounts of responsibility.

How does one reduce very large complex systems? One can start with unikernels.

STIG compliance got you down? We showed the US Air Force how to reduce their STIG compliance time and in some cases reduced it by over 60% utilizing unikernels. We're also in the ABMS pipeline.

We worked with the DOE on researching unikernel isolation for secure SCADA

We've also added RISC-V support to the Nanos unikernel with a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Read the latest about our involvement with DARPA

We are a member of the National Spectrum Consortium, America's DataHub Consortium and the IWRP

  • "Cybersecurity is critical to the operations of our markets and the risks are significant and, in many cases, systemic."

    SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

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