Unikernels for HealthCare

Healthcare has always had problems with data security, yet now when the average hospital room has 15-20 sensors each, all of which is networked we are starting to see how big of a challenge we are really up to.


More Data Doesn't Need to Mean More Problems

15-20 sensors per bed all of which are networked can produce a lot of data and a lot of trouble.

Running the EPIC EMR or EHR? Tired of spending EPIC money on broke systems that don't work that were made in the 70s? Climb back into the 2020s. Get a system that won't get you fired.

Personally identifiable information (PII), or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) are tough issues that many organizations have to deal with.

You can waste your time and money paying some 'security' company to tell you that you have hacked systems or you can prevent the hackers in the first place, however, with a single medical record often fetching as much as $500 on the black market, data breaches are a mounting concern.

Our company was founded by hackers so we know exactly how hackers break into systems and unikernels obviate the majority of problems traditioanl systems have with security.

  • "So far this year, the healthcare sector has reported 233 breach incidents to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, state attorney generals and media."

    Jessica Davis

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