DeferPanic secures $1.5M seed round to popularize unikernel concept.

We’ve all probably heard of containers and virtual machines by now. Virtualization enabled IT to break down a single server into multiple machines. Containers allowed you take that concept and make it even smaller. DeferPanic wants to take another step with a technology called Unikernels. Today, the company announced its $1.5 million seed round.

Unikernel vs Containers - See the lightweight championship fight

The drive to minimize app hosting resources yielded unikernels and containers, the IT equivalent of a tiny house and apartment. Containing only the barest essentials, unikernels pose unique benefits and challenges.

This agile Life - DevOps Extravaganza of Tangents

A podcast about:

  • 5 Web Trends for 2017
  • Supporting Open Source projects
  • Ruby Together
  • And more...

15 Digital Disruptors anouncing this years innovation grand challenge

After launching our third annual Innovation Grand Challenge in May, today I have the utmost pleasure to unveil the 15 semifinalists.

GC On-Demand

GC On-demand - UNIKERNELS: The What, why and when. Chat with Ian Eyberg

What's the deal with unikernels?! We had Ian Eyberg of Defer Panic join us to talk about what a unikernel is, why it's an important part of the overall IT strategy, and when you should or should not use them. A great end-to-end discussion that will also open your eyes to new ways of doing some interesting things!

Beam Me Up, Unikernel

There can be no doubt that the golden age of unikernels is fast approaching. Initially, developers thought that using unikernels in production was something that was still five years away, but companies are already beginning to use them in production today.

The New Stack

Life in a Post-Container World

Right now containers are all the rage. The money piling into the container ecosystem is massive. Uncle Scrooge would drown inside the vault — and ducks are good swimmers.

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