NanoVMs Announces First Plug and Play Unikernel Tool

Easily build and run any application as a unikernel in seconds

SAN FRANCISCO – NanoVMs, the industry leader in unikernel technology development and deployment, announces the first unikernel tool for developers that loads any Linux application as a unikernel. The tool, called “Ops” is simple to use, requires no complex coding or configuration and only requires a simple command to execute. Running an application as a unikernel is beneficial in many ways and superior to containers. Unikernels are faster, more secure, smaller and come provisioned as virtual machines, which gives them must greater density.

“We have numerous software issues that are reaching critical mass – security and cloud efficiency to name a few – and moving from outdated operating system-based applications to a unikernel system could have a radical impact,” said NanoVMs CEO Ian Eyberg. “Unikernels have been challenging to deploy in the past, but with our new Ops tool any developer can immediately begin implementation and reap the benefits.”

With Ops, developers need no prior experience or knowledge of how to build unikernels, removing the barriers that may have prevented unikernel use in the past. Ops can be used to build and run unikernels locally on a laptop. And, there are no complicated hoops to jump through to use the tool. No account needs to be created and there aren’t multiple installations to sit through, just a single download and one command.

NanoVMs will also be offering several premade Ops packages for common programs that users would run, but not necessarily code themselves, in addition to databases and webservers.

For more information about the NanoVMs Ops tool, visit

About NanoVMs, Inc.

NanoVMs is the leading managed platform provider of unikernel based systems for both public and private environments. NanoVMs also offers managed services, support, and training for companies using unikernel technology. More information about NanoVMs unikernel solutions can be found at

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