When you are adopting microservices, isolation, performance and orchestration are key. Containers, although widely used are also widely known to have performance and security issues. With NanoVMs unikernels you can realistically start breaking apart that monolithic application into bite-size chunks allowing disparate teams to iterate faster and create a truly agile environment for your software development.


Easier Debugging

  • Pinpoint with ease what is breaking where.
  • One process per application means you always know what is responsible.

Faster Time to Market

  • Develop small features in isolation faster.
  • Move fast without breaking things.

Improved Scalability

  • Split business logic into distinct applications that scale differently.
  • Enable different teams to deploy at different cycles.

Ready for the future cloud?

Security does not have to be the nightmare it is. You've got better things to do than dealing with VM sprawl. Show everyone how you were responsible for halving the infrastructure budget. Be the winner!

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