For those organizations that are finding traditional Linux and container deployments to be too much to fiddle with NanVMs unikernel solutions take the pain out of deploying applications while at the same time embracing security and performance.


Deploy Faster

  • Boot or deploy orders of magnitude faster than other solutions.
  • Small vm size leads to fast deploys and tests.

Zero Administration

  • Develop small features in isolation faster.
  • Move fast without breaking things.

Implement Auto-Scaling

  • Split business logic into distinct applications that scale differently.
  • Enable different teams to deploy at different cycles.
NanoVMs Lambda Cloud Run
Runs Un-Modified Program Called on a Function not Program Called on Program
Memory Only Limited by Instance Size Default of 128mb, max of 10G 32gb of ram
Protocol Any Http only Http only
Timeout No Timeout 15 minutes 1 hour
Requests/Second Only Bound by Your software 1000 1000

Bottom Line

You are paying through the nose if you are using Lambda or Cloud Run right now. Even the smallest instance type will cost less, allow you to access vast more amounts of ram (up to 1400gb), come with an always-on capability and run up to 20X more requests/second than maxing out a lambda. Time to start running Nanos unikernels.

Ready for the future cloud?

Security does not have to be the nightmare it is. You've got better things to do than dealing with VM sprawl. Show everyone how you were responsible for halving the infrastructure budget. Be the winner!

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