vs Unikernels

WASM repeats a lot of the security issues from the 90s but that doesn't mean that wasm competes with unikernels. You can actually run wasm inside of a unikernel. Check out wasmer.

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"web sockets" dislike
No Dynamic Linking dislike
32 Bit only dislike
4Gb Mem Limit dislike
No Threads dislike
No TLS dislike
No Read-Only Memory dislike
Write to 0x0 dislike
No ASLR dislike
Few Languages dislike
TCP/UDP/Raw sockets like
Dynamic Linking like
64 Bit Only like
16M Tb Mem Limit like
Multi-Threaded like
TLS like
Read-Only Memory like
Can't write to 0x0 like
ASLR like
Language Agonstic like

Quick Start

It doesn't matter if you using Mac, Linux or WSL - you can boot your first unikernel right now in just a minute.

We've made it super easy for you to try it out and it's all free and open source.